Monday, 27 March 2017

Bunny soft toy 'Bobby Bunny'

Meet Bobby Bunny

My all time favourite softy is a bunny with big ears and a sweet here he is, Bobby Bunny.
I do like to design toys and I really did fall for this one, cute in natural linen or bejeweled in roses, either way delightful. His little jacket has foxes leaping over it, I thought that was fun...Bunny is definitely in charge.

The little roses are a sweet touch with Easter in mind and for a lot of you spring has sprung although not for us.

This little fellow was the inspiration for Bobby definitely more gender neutral, he is made from pure linen and I didn't add any batting to his ears so they hang down kind of floppy like.

Hopefully these bunnies inspire you to have ago and make one for the treasured little one in your life. My Patterns are just me telling you how to do this, all photos are taken as I make them.

Happy sewing 


Sunday, 19 February 2017

Colour Kitties, soft toys

Colour Kitties, my latest sewing pattern

I do love to make toys but it's the designing process that I love most, new ideas clamouring to be heard, made real, an idea that becomes touchable, shareable..that's what I love.

Do you remember the little Golden Book 'The Color Kittens' it was published in 1958, I read it to my children and grandchildren...we love it. Well my kittens don't look like the ones in book but it was the colours that inspired me, the little story is all about the colours of the world and how the kittens 'Hush' and 'Brush' made them.

Of a purple land
In a pale pink sea
Where apples fell
From a golden tree 

 Just one of the lovely verses in the book.

This pattern is reasonably simple, just using fabric and colour to create the fun look.

The little ruffle is just raw edged and cut on the bias, I thought it gave them theatrical look.

You can find my pattern here and I am hoping you might give it ago.


Thursday, 2 February 2017

Lamb Softies, toy lambs in pyjamas

Lamb's in pyjamas.. featured in February's Homespun Magazine

I was delighted to see these wee fellows in print at last, you know they had to jet their way to Sydney and back!!

I've used flannelette and cream fleece to make them, keeping them soft and cuddly, I always try to keep my patterns simple while still retaining the detail that I love. 

They even have their own hotties, and look I've added a little buttoned flap to the back of his ah!!

Just to let you know you can buy a digital copy of this magazine from Zinio, but there is nothing like holding the real thing in your hands.
I love this Homespun Magazine it's filled with amazing projects, such talented global craftswomen.

Well happy sewing everyone and don't forget all my other patterns are available here.


Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Quliting for Baby

 Quilts with love

Babies are coming and I have been really busy with holidays and family...but still I have managed to finish three little quilts.

I have used the gorgeous 'Sleepy times animal pals' embroidery pattern from Nanacompany, all Amy's creations are inspirationally lovely. The pattern was originally designed for a dolls quilt but I scaled it up a little to make this dear bassinet quilt. 
My favourite fabric 'Milk,Sugar and Flower' from Elea Lutz is just so storybook sweet.

This bassinet quilt is very simple just machine appliqued 'Leaping Lambs' and diagonal quilting at about 1 1/2 '' apart.
I usually sew my binding onto the wrong side of the quilt then fold it to the front and machine sew.

This is the little cot quilt I made from the most gorgeous fabric, unfortunately none of my photos were that good...they don't do it justice.
The little yellow check is just the softess warm maizey colour and the wee grey mice dance all over the quilt.
 It is made from five inch squares with a top border of the mice fabric and trimmed with narrow cotton lace.
I just loved the mice fabric which I got from my lovely local store 'More Than Fabric'  and still have some left for some other project.
Well that's it so happy sewing


Sunday, 25 December 2016

Dresses and quilts, a sewing year in review

My favourite makes for  2016

 Kerah's quilt 
I have just finished this quilt for my little Granddaughter, she's five, in fact it's under the tree. I used a lovely pattern by Carina Gardner I found on Pinterest.

Granddaughter dresses, an array of makes over the year.

 I'm a detail person and love 'sewing small' it's my term for petite post about it here.

How come I am just finding out the joy of making Zipper pouches.

What sewer can ever have enough Pincushions, fun makes with a story behind it.

Crib quilts, mini's and wall hangings.

The highlights of my year have been a Blog hopNanacompany swap and my first feature in the Homespun magazine.
Books that have inspired me are 
'Sew Illustrated' by Minky Kim and Kristen Esser
'Sweetly stitched handmades' by Amy Sinibaldi
Gorgeous fabric from designers Sedef Imer and Elea Lutz and my favourite of all Instagram

Ali of Arabesque Scissors is doing a TGIFF thats 'Thank goodness its finish Friday' 2016 project roundup 
do check out Saylittlehen as well to join in the 2016 creative review.


Thursday, 22 December 2016

Kiwi Christmas.. setting the scene

A Kiwi Christmas, sunshine and tradition

I guess its quite different to enjoy a Southern hemisphere Christmas, we tend to do things differently here in NZ.  Its a lot less indoors and a lot more outdoors....putting most sewing aside to enjoy what summer has to offer.  Grandchildren have six weeks of school holidays and so swimming, BBQs, actually eating outside is what we love to do.  Hydrangeas and Agapanthus are flowering in the hot sun and the beach is calling.

Well I have had a lovely year sewing wise, I've bought gorgeous fabric, inspirational books and patterns, taught classes and delighted in every stitch. 

Happy Christmas and happy sewing


Sunday, 13 November 2016

Sewing Small.

Small Projects to delight or distract...

Love sewing small
Love new fabric
Love a new project
Love books that inspire

Well so do I

My projects

I am greatly inspired by what I see on social media, I love it..
BUT     I have to question my motives at times... mug mats that are too precious to use, gorgeous bibs with food catching frills and more pincushions than any woman could ever want.
This is the the realm of small projects, please don't get me wrong I enjoy making them immensely after all I am Gee's Projects.
BUT    in this era of on-line stimulation its easy to be caught up in a frenzy of must makes, new lines of fabric just begging to be sewn, new books with gorgeous little projects and stunningly staged images absolutely everywhere.

Sweet bookmark

I wanted to write about this to see what others thought but I was also hesitant because it's our industry, patterns, books and tutorials, mine what do you think?   do comment.
This last year I have been very prolific in 'sewing small' I think to the detriment of some larger projects that need finishing.

Free motion sewing

Well in the past I had always been so practical... my sewing ninety percent of the time had been clothes...for clients, for myself and my family.
All cushions, drapes etc were made by me and there really was no time for just the pleasure of a        Small beautifully crafted little project.

Gee's projects embroidery pattern

Well I've made my what am I saying... maybe just balance.
I've promised myself to finish three large projects, practical, washable and useful before I allow myself   the sweet treat of  'Sewing Small'.

Ruffle neck bib

My inspiration for the bibs is from a lovely book 'Sweetly Stitched Handmades' by Amy Sinibaldi, I changed the shape slightly to suit my own style.
The rabbit quilt I made using my own embroidery pattern 'Ollie's Washing Day'  and a few tiny patchwork squares, really simple.
The pencil case and bookmark inspired by Minki Kim .

Happy sewing


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